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US Visa Renewals

The U.S.A. Department of State requires that all travelers looking to renew their U.S. Visa, do so by reapplying and submitting a new U.S. Visa Application or ESTA online, and paying all fees associated with your visa application. Renewals are not exempt from paying fees. If you are renewing your visa and you paid fees the first time you applied, you will have to pay those fees again (unless you became exempt). All fees are to be paid unless you are exempt of paying any visa fees.

Repeat travelers to the United States may, under some circumstances, renew their visas without appearing at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate for an interview. This does not waive the fees associated with your visa. This just eliminates going to the interview. The fees associated with applying for the visa still apply. In these cases, depending on the U.S. Embassy you are applying at, you may be able to supply your application documents at a local drop-box (a place where you submit your required/supporting visa documents).

Please Note: U.S. Visa applicants under the age of 14 and over the age of 80, do not have to attend a visa interview at a local U.S. Embassy.

Additionally, some governments allow their citizens to travel with a valid visa in an expired passport, provided the traveler also has a valid passport. If your government allows travel with a valid visa and a combination of an expired and valid passport, then the U.S. government will allow you to travel to the United States with your old passport containing a valid visa and your new, valid passport. Unless you are exempt, a valid passport / travel document and visa is required to enter the U.S. but the valid visa does not have to be in the valid passport. In this case you would have to travel with a both expired passport with the valid visa and your new valid passport.

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