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VisaCentro is a newly established tech startup located in Miami, Florida USA. For the past 2 years, we have specialized in offering visa services to travelers worldwide and have had the pleasure of servicing over 10,000 happy customers. In an effort to bring innovation to the industry, we partnered with immigration attorneys in order to provide a cost-effective turnkey approach to the process, however, we are no substitute for an attorney or give legal advice. VisaCentro is not affiliated with nor endorsed by any government agency. Our customer service supports logisitical, technical and billing issues. Our refund policy is a satisfaction money back guarantee. A basic version of our forms are available on the State Department sites for free without our assistance or fees. Purchase price may include the appropriate government fees for an additional service charge. All visa applications are subject to an embassy fee, regardless of our services and fees. Information related to US Visas is available online with the State Department. It is our experience and the experience of our customers, that their visa information may be scattered, outdated, unclear, hard to find, and the number of sites one must navigate along with the steps one must take can prove to be time-consuming. VisaCentro helps you complete the right application quickly and accurately, automatically generates the required forms based on your responses, provides guides for your interview consisting of a list of supporting documents, logistical instructions, and common practices, and also provides multiple forms of payment. VisaCentro may also navigate the visa application process on your behalf by submitting your application to the State Department after review, creating your online appointment accounts, generating deposit slips, paying embassy fees, and scheduling your appointments. For a detailed list of our pricing and services, go to our Pricing page. Our process has been shown to increase applicants' chances of approval due to the fact that our process addresses the most common reason for denial, the notorious 214b Refusals. These refusals occur because the applicant either fails to demonstrate they qualify for a visa, or they did not overcome the presumption of immigrant intent, as the burden of proof is on the applicant. On average the State Department refuses about 50% of temporary visitor applicants, and over 90% of those refusals are 214b. VisaCentro, on the other hand, has experienced an overall +90% approval rate with our full service package (results may vary). We believe our success to be a result of our attention to detail coupled with our great customer service and approval-oriented process. We do NOT support ESTAs, and we route potential candidates to the official government ESTA site. In order for us to assist you, you will now be forwarded to the correct visa application to provide us with your personal information so we may assist you in obtaining your visa. All sensitive information is collected securely by SSL and stored securely for contact, review, and submission purposes. All questions are required by the State Department's visa forms, and we do not request additional information. You may request removal of your information at anytime.

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